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Prevnar 20 is administered by healthcare providers, including doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. Enter your location to check if it’s available at a pharmacy or doctor’s office near you.

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Check to see if the PREVNAR 20® vaccine is available at a pharmacy or doctor's office near you.

Note: This directory does not contain all the pharmacies and doctors’ offices that offer Prevnar 20. If you’re looking for a pharmacy or doctor’s office that isn’t listed, call the location directly to ask if they offer Prevnar 20.

Before you visit, please contact the location directly for complete details including vaccine availability and ability to process insurance claims.

This information is based on data provided by the locations listed. By including them, Pfizer is not endorsing the locations nor making guarantees about qualifications or competence of any healthcare provider.

If you're a pharmacy or doctor’s office and would like to add, edit, or delete your information, please call 1-855-215-5081.